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MoneyGram Rewards Program: MoneyGram Plus

MoneyGram Rewards has changed its name to MoneyGram Plus, and there are now new valuable benefits coming your way.

MoneyGram Plus brings you the ultimate in speed and convenience. You'll continue to enjoy our fastest, easiest transactions because your sender andreceiver information will be saved in our system to make everything more convenient.

But that's not all. In the future, we'll be adding a long list of new benefits such as:

  • A mobile app will provide a digital membership card, MoneyGram agent location finder and more.
  • Receive notifications will be available by email.
  • Exclusive, valuable, money-saving opportunities will be offered by email for MoneyGram Plus members like you.

Many of these new MoneyGram Plus benefits, offers and savings are available exclusively by email. To be sure you don't miss out, it's important that you add your email address to your member profile right away, and opt in to receive email communications. If you haven't registered online before, be sure to click "Register Online" to get your profile started.

To review the MoneyGram Plus program, FAQ's and the MoneyGram Privacy Policy, click the above links. Please check back frequently for exciting news regarding enhancements to your MoneyGram Plus card


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